About Us

The term GameWads is a thrown back to 90’s made popular by id Software’s classic Doom game.  “WAD” stands for Where’s All the Data?   After Doom’s release in 1993, players began creating thousands of mods for the game itself.  These mods packages became known as WADs and contained new levels and graphics, free to download off the internet.   We therefore decided to establish GameWads.com for all the gaming data to keep you uptodate for enhancing your gaming experience.

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So who are we?  We are gamers just like you… who grew up and were told that gaming is violent, childish, and is plain bad.  But that fact is, they could not change our minds.  WE ARE GAMERS, FOREVER.  And this is our way of living and sharing our passion with all of you.

Name:      Miniboss – Gamer (always gamer first) and Chief Editor

Top 3 classic games:  Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda: A Link to the Past. 

Name:      Lummers – Gamer, Editor, and Producer

Famous game quotes:  “I’ve got balls of steel” – Duke Nukem.   “The hands of death could not stop me, the sisters of fate could not hold me ” – Kratos in God of War.   “For the Horde!” – World of Warcraft.

Name:      Noodles – Gamer and Editor

Most time spent on a game:  World of Warcraft… sadly it was more of an addiction.


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