Batman Batcave Theater Built By A Crazy Fan For $2 Million

A hardcore Batman fan is having a theater built that looks like the Batcave!

Article by IGN indicated someone in Greenwich Connecticut is building a $2 million theater in his house that looks like the Batcave.  Being done by Elite Home Theater Seating, the room will have batcomputer, Tumbler, cape and cowl, secret passages, sound effects, gargoyles, a 180 degree screen, and even a Bat-themed elevator.

Check out these pictures to see what’s inside this Batcave Theater is it worth the money or is it a total waste?


So what do you think?  Super cool or waste of money?

Well, pretty obvious that whoever this hardcore fan is, money is not really the issue.  Definitely is cool, but will the novelty would wear off after a while, or will the room actually be used very often?

Would you pay extra for a home that already has a Batcave in it?  Tell us your thoughts.

I can say one thing for sure, I wish I had the money to waste on this Batcave theater, imagine all the chicks you can get! (j/k)


We leave you with a video from the upcoming game Injustice Gods Among Us brought to you by Gamespot

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