Custom Design Nintendo Consoles Makes Us Go Wow!

I don’t care if you’re a fanboy or not, but you would definitely want one of these custom design Nintendo consoles.

We were snooping around on the internet like usual, looking for nothing in particular, but we were fortunate to land on this site, and on there we saw, what I would deem to be some of the most amazing custom design Nintendo consoles I’ve ever seen.  I would without any hesitation add this to my console collection.

Looking at these custom design Nintendo consoles really brought back some great gaming memories I have had with my SNES.  I didn’t buy the N64 because at that time I opted out for the Playstation.  But that still did not stop me from gaming countless hours at my friend’s house on their N64 consoles.

My best memory with the SNES has to be playing Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past and Crono Trigger, and of course we cannot leave out Super Metroid.  These three games alone have killed many many hours of my life, with pleasure that is.


These custom design Nintendo consoles were created by a gentleman by the name of Zoki64.  You can locate the rest of his amazing artwork here.  He even helps users on his site to explain how he creates these custom design Nintendo consoles, as well as shares videos on there to show you how it’s done.  Pretty amazing Zoki64, we give you two thumbs up on the great work and applaud you for being so helpful.

So how does it look?  Which one is you favorite?  Leave us a comment and tell us which one might be your dream console.