Fan-Made GI Joe Game is simply amazing

Fan-Made GI Joe Game blows us all away, check it out and we promise you all that this game is well worth your download. AmitDabydeen created his version of what a real GI Joe game.

Capcom should definitely take a look at the fan-made GI Joe game and give him some credit. The game looks great and absolutely feels like a retro-90’s side scroller. I would even dare to compare it to some games like Final Fight and Double Dragon, I was simply blown away at how well this game was put together. Capcom should really consider in taking a look into this side scroller and polishing it off.

Bring back the side scroller genre!

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Kotaku – This Fan-Made Game Might be the Best G.I. Joe Game of All Time.

Download this Fan-made GI Joe game here

Here’s a little video on the side scroller, check it out, pretty amazing eh?