A Great Game To Kill Time – Samurai Siege Review

Samurai Siege Review

Here’s our full and honest, Samurai Siege Review, see if this game is suited for your tablet or smartphone.

This new genre “combat strategy” game apps, are taking over the iOS/Android in a storm.  We were first introduced to this genre by the game called Clash of Clans, and that game was addicting.  If you have free time and you like SimCity and games like Starcraft or Age of Empires, than you’ll enjoy game like Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans.

Samurai Siege takes the basics from Clash of Clans, and brings in their own elements.  Rich in graphics and fluid motions from the army units makes this game easy to stare at all day.  You’ll start off with a mini tutorial; build your resources Essence Well for water and your Markets for coins.  Each resource will be needed to construct your base, Army base units will utilize the water from your Essence Wells and defense structures will be using the coins from the Markets.

Samurai Siege Review

Once you have built your base and several Practice Yards, you can test out your army by questing.  Samurai Siege slowly introduces defense towers and army units as you advance in your quest line.  This is great as it allows the players to learn how to play and use each unit properly, this helps people that are new to this genre learn the game better.  I was really impressed with Space Ape Games for them introducing this feature.  (Two Thumbs Up for Space Ape Games)

For instance, you’ll be introduced the Archer unit, you’ll use this unit in the quest and be given the opportunity to see where it’s placement on the map will give you the best advantage to win your battle.  It is also neat to state that in the quest mode, you’ll be slowly introduced the defense towers, and you’ll see where it will be best to be placed in your own base.

Samurai Siege sets itself form the other “combat strategy” games with their weekly tournaments.   These tournaments will place 4 guilds against each other, battling for first place by accumulating the most war points.  War points are obtained by battling.  Battling is also the core of the game, it is where you’ll go against other players online and raid their towns for their resources with your mighty army.  If you’re in game building up your town, you’ll be unable to get attacked, so make sure you spend all of your resources before you go offline, or you’ll login with empty banks.


Samurai Siege is available for both the iOS and Android base devices.  If you have the time, and you like strategy games, make sure you give this game a try as it definitely will not disappoint you.  The game is fast paced in the beginning, and it’ll slowly take longer to upgrade your structures, but as you’re upgrading, all you’ll need to do is just go into battle and raid your opponent resources.  Samurai Siege is a game you should not miss if you like strategy base game.


 Download Samurai Siege for Android Device here.

Download Samurai Siege for iOS Device here.

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