How To Install Mac OS X Leopard Without The DvD

How to Install Mac OS X Leopard Without The DvD?  Well we have a quick and easy guide to show you how to get it without any headaches..

So the other day I was rummaging through my pile of “tech” garbage, and I came across this old PowerPC G5 Mac of mine. This machine was a beast at the time…but now it’s lets just say……yah…

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This old PowerPC G5 Mac is still in pretty good shape…it’s not Intel base…but I mean I’m sure I can find something to do with it soon.

how to install mac os x leopard without the dvd

PowerPC G5 – Specifications

CPU – 2.3 GHz dual 512/160
BUS – 1.15 GHz
Installed RAM – 4GB
HD – 180GB
PCI-X – 3 Slots
Video Card – Geforce 6600

I just listed the base specs of the system, as all the base standard ports (IEEE/USB) are still intact, like I said the system is still


in good shape, all the peripherals are still good for usage.

So the purpose of this post was for me to put myself into a scenario where I have lost the Mac OS X Leopard installation discs. So what to do!!! How to install Mac OS X Leopard without the dvd’s!

how to install mac os x leopard without the dvd

I’ve browsed and browsed for tips and suggestions and most of them require some knowledge about the Open FireWare. Being it a non-Intel based CPU and being it quite ancient, we don’t really have a wide range of tactics to get this done. I mean literally there are tons of sites out there that can teach you how to install via external cd-rom/hd drive, but you’ll have to know how to boot into the Open FirmWare.

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Now the Open FirmWare isn’t your normal console, it’s actually quite complex, and you’ll certainly have to do some digging around the command lines to figure out exactly what it is talking about. I’m not going to lie now, I looked at it and just rolled my eyes instantly. I probably spent about 2hours trying to dig through it to see what the hell it is exactly talking about, eventually I gave up, and just didn’t care.

This part of the project of mine has certainly threw me into a road block, and has caused a lot of frustrations. I think I almost hulk-smashed my keyboard a numerous of times. How the hell am I’m going to get this done!!

By now, when I figure out how to get this done, I am for sure going to create a guide on how to get this installation done.

Just to name a few –

Boot from USB Open FirmWare – teaches you how to go to the Open FireWare and boot (good lucks)
Install MAC OsX from USB– Once Again Good Freaking Lucks

So I was stumped, and for a while I couldn’t figure it out at all on how to get this project going. I’ve spent already 5 hours trying out multiple guides to get into the Open FirmWare and boot to a USB source, but still couldn’t do it. Finally a simple solution kicked into me and it was thanks to those guides and the 5 hours of kicking myself that I finally came to an epiphany on how to get this project rolling.

So here is GameWads version on “How to Install Mac OS X Leopard without the DvD’s”

how to install mac os x leopard without the dvd

Items that you will need to get this project done

          Image of Mac OS X Leopard
          Working Mac Computer
          Disk Utility Application
          Spare SATA Drive

Essentially what we will be doing is preparing the spare SATA drive, restoring it with an image of the Mac OS X Leopard.  By restoring the Hard Drive with an image, it allows the system to think that the partition that we restored to, is the DvD.  Then afterwards we will be allowed to Select Boot to the partition and install Mac OS X Leopard.

GameWads Guide on – How to Install Mac OS X Leopard without the DvD

Part 1 – Preparing your Mac for OS X Leopard Installation
Part 2 – Installing Mac OS X Leopard without the DvD

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  • Dugald Holmes

    Perfect, Lummers! I had an old PowerMac G5 to give to charity and got stuck, as it turns out it had a 2nd drive and this did the trick. Thank you for thinking to share this tip 4 years ago; which is still current today.