Jessica Nigri – Cosplay at Comic-Con (Part 2)

Part 2 of our 3 part series on Cosplay continues with Jessica Nigri, and her road to fame from Comic-Con.


  • Name: Jessica Nigri
  • DOB: August 5, 1989
  • Born: Phoenix, Arizona
  • New Zealand descent

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Our second part of the Intro to Cosplay follows the story of Jessica Nigri, and how Cosplaying at Comic-Con made her famous.

Compared to the Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao from our Part 1 edition, Jessica Nigri is a relatively new face in the cosplay community.  She first gained attention at the San Diego 2009 Comic-Con, where she appeared as both a sexy Pikachu costume, and as Final Fantasy X character Rikku.

Jessica Nigri Cosplay       Jessica Nigri

She became an instant youtube hit, and pictures of her flooded the internet.  Recognizing the attention she got, Jessica continued to go back to Comic-Con each year after 2009, and also began to attend other events like the Penny Arcade Expo, Anime Expo, and Anime Revolution.

In a contest hosted by IGN, Jessica was chosen to help promote Grasshopper Manufacture’s June 2012 zombie action game – Lollipop Chainsaw.  Jessica Nigri dressed as the game’s main character, Juliet Starling.

Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Jessica Nigri now promotes herself as a Cosplayer, Spokesmodel, and Interviewer for video games and comic books.  She is a model that owes her fame to being discovered at Comic-Con.  Many other amateur models are now attending Comic-Con and other Cosplay events in hopes to be discovered as well.  Good news for all those who attend the events hoping for some eye candy… becareful though, you can also expect some FAIL cosplayers that might blind you!

Check out Jessica Nigri in some of her cosplay:

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