Mass Effect 3 online petition

Mass Effect 3 online petition by fans for an alternate ending has been launched!

Massive online fan based petition for an alternate ending to ME3 raises $35,000 for Child’s Play charity.

A charity drive aimed at having the end sequence of EA and Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 altered has seen a surge of donors during its first day, with over $30,000 contributed.  ME3 launched earlier this month, and is the final game in the trilogy, ending the story of Commander Shepard.

However, a number of fans of the series are not happy with the way in which the story ends, and are petitioning for Bioware to add alternate endings to the game in order to provide better explanations and closure.

Are you a disgruntled fan that will be joining this Mass Effect 3 online petition?  It certainly seems like it has set some wheels in motion.