OUYA Console Releases It’s Powers This Summer

OUYA Console will be ready this coming June, are you ready to see what it can do.

OUYA was the 8th project on Kickstarter to hit a million dollars last year. Not only were they able to generate a million dollars in donations for a project, they did it in a convincing fashion by shattering the old record. In just 8 hours and 22 minutes, OUYA had people throwing a million dollars at them.

What’s so special about the OUYA console? Isn’t it just another system that we’ll just all purchase and play video games on? Well, yes and no. OUYA is unique, it’s not going to be the console that’s going to beat out the upcoming consoles in PS4 and the Xbox 720. But it sets itself aside from those console with an open-source concept, allowing the hackers to tinker and play with it. Essentially the OUYA console is made for the hackers and the home dev’s. OUYA console won’t blow your mind away with amazing graphics visually, but it will certainly have gameplay, and some amazing apps.

Yes, you heard right. We don’t think you should buy games or in-game items unless you absolutely love them. If you fall head-over-heels for one of them, all you’ll need is a valid credit card, debit card or redeemable code. You’ll never be charged unless you choose to make a purchase.


With the moto “Every Game is Free to Try”, we will have to advise you that the term “free” is used very loosely. We believe the game won’t be actually free free, but it will allow a gamer to trail the game like you would on your iPhone/Android smartphone. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the system being able to be Jailbroken.

All that 1080p goodness isn’t just for gaming. OUYA brings all your favorite apps to the big screen, streaming shows, movies, and music directly into the living room. We’ve already partnered with Twitch.tv, Crunchyroll, iheartradio, TuneIn, XBMC, Plex and Flixster and are adding more to our list daily.


What makes the OUYA console different as well is the ability to load apps. If you’ve never used XBMC and or never heard of Twitch.tv, you’re missing out. XBMC is probably the best application you can download for your PC/MAC or Jailbroken AppleTV to watch anything and everything that’s on streams. Twitch.tv is a site that streams lives matches of multiple games, millions of gamers gather around their pc to watch and discuss strategies and tactics in the games they love. OUYA allowing these two major apps alone is going to change how consoles should be in future.

The OUYA console will be making it’s great debut on June 4th, 2013.
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