Plumber Bros. are at it again New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer

Super Mario Bros 2 is coming out soon, see what a Pre-Order will get you.. Check out the new trailer showcasing Mario jumping, coin collecting, and dodging bullets.

If your Pre-Order New Super Mario Bros 2 from Game or Gamestation in the UK, you will receive this brilliant gold coin case with the game.  Check out the gallery for some gameplay footage as well as the two collectors item for the pre-order bonus.

[flagallery gid=1 name=Gallery]

Gameplay footage demonstrates a new Gold Tanooki Mario, a power gained by collecting a gold leaf making Mario invulnerable to falling boulders and practically anything else in his path.

Check out the trailer from Nintendo

**Updated 19/07/2012**

So the UK gets a gold coin case, and North America gets a Mario Pin for Online-Exclusive? Rip-Off

View it at GameStop here, and if you’re in Canada check it out at EBGames here.

Which one do you like more? We’re leaning more towards the Coin Case.  Both of the exclusive collectors items are worth the pre-order money, that is if you’re a collector.  The Coin Case definitely does look a little better, but come on….a pin?

North America Online Exclusive

Mario Pin Online-Exclusive for North America.