Should Sports Team Ban Opposing Team Fans From Purchasing Tickets To Championship Events?

Up for a debate?  Should sports team ban opposing team fans from purchasing tickets to championship events?

So, if you haven’t heard, the Seattle Seahawks during the NFC Championship game, they banned or tried to ban, their opposing teams the San Francisco 49’ers fans, from purchasing tickets to the NFC Championship Game.  Now, I’m not a football advocate, I would watch it usually during the playoffs, and the Super Bowl (I’m in it for the commercials).  But, after saying all that, I am a huge fan of sports in general.  Hockey is my sport of choice, I love it, and I absolutely just adore the game.

What the 49’ers are saying – Should sports team ban opposing teams fans from purchasing tickets to championship events?

Seahawks 49ers

I wouldn’t be able to explain to you how I began loving Hockey so much, it could be because of the big hits, and the speed of the game, or how the goalies stand in front of a frozen puck without flinching.  The very first time I watched in the NHL on TV was the Calgary Flames.  Oh, that hurt a little to write….  Growing up watching Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk lead the team to the Holy Grail, the Stanley Cup was amazing.  I was hooked, I wanted more, and I wanted to have as much as I could possibly do with the game.

Gary Roberts

The NFL reactions to – Should sports team ban opposing teams fans from purchasing tickets to championship events?


As I grew up, I started following my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks.  There was something about the team, something special, a player that made it special, Trevor Linden.  I don’t think or recall of ever seeing a player that was so humble, someone that was so caring for the city and someone that just absolutely devoted his life to the team.  Then the start of the 91-92 NHL season started, the Canucks have just acquired a player by the name of Pavel Bure.  We were blessed; the Vancouver Canucks have finally obtained a player of Super Star calibre.  Pavel Bure did things no other players could do; he had speed, finesse, and skill. I could go on about him for hours.  He brought magic to the city every time he stepped foot on the ice.

Pavel Bure

The Vancouver Canucks started the 93 – 94 season, they placed 7th and had an uphill battle in the playoffs.  They pulled several upsets and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals to play against the New York Rangers.  The series went the distance, and around the city throughout the whole playoffs, I don’t think we’ve ever felt so united.  Fans were going nuts and boinkers for the team, anywhere you went, you would hear about the team and how well they were doing.  I was hooked, and I have cemented my love for the Vancouver Canucks then, and it hasn’t really ever stopped, a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but that’s what it is for being a Canucks fan.  Enjoy the highs and ride the lows while holding your breathe.

Pavel Bure

The Vancouver Canucks do eventually lose to the New York Ranger in Game 7, but they played their hearts out.  The Vancouver Canucks will be absent from the Stanley Cup Finals for about 15 years, but they did return to the Stanley Cup Finals in the 2010 – 11 season.  This return was a little different though, the team was exciting to watch, we were dominating in all categories of stats, and most importantly the city was feeling the excitement all over again.  The Vancouver Canucks will face their final rivals, the Boston Bruins.  Once again, they will lose in 7 games, but this time at home.

What people are saying around the internet – Should sports team ban opposing team fans from purchasing tickets to championship events?

Now, if and during that time of the Stanley Cup Finals, if the Vancouver Canucks prevented their opposing team from purchasing any tickets to the Finals, will it change the outcome?  I couldn’t say yes or no, but I do know that this will benefit the team a lot more.  Limiting the opposing team from appearing in the home team stands is strategic, and it’s a mind game.  I love the idea of that and I wish almost all sports would do the same to support the home teams.  Having the opponents walk in to an only home team filled arena, will be deafening.

I like this scare tactic that the teams are applying.  I think it helps promote team spirit, and helps shows the players that the organizations are backing their team 100%.  It might not be fair to local fans that support the opposing team, but at the end of the day, the organization should be looking out for their team and at any means, help them win at all costs.  This is of course, especially important, if they teams were playing for a championship prize.

So what do you think, should sports team ban opposing team fans from purchasing tickets to a Championship event?  Let us know what you think, and tell us why or why not teams should condone this practice.