Street Fighter x Tekken Lars Gameplay Footage

Street Fighter x Tekken Lars gameplay footage.

Lars Gameplay Footage

This week we’re showing off some gameplay footage we’ve found that we thought was worth watching.

Check them out let us know what you think, which bout did you like?

stix4884 vs crAAAzy

YouTube Preview Image

rogue2681 vs Authentic_Demun

YouTube Preview Image

Tensai-Almoour vs mistermuja

YouTube Preview Image

siskonbanchou vs tyuuashi

YouTube Preview Image

Big_Biz vs delaluzn1

YouTube Preview Image

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So that sums it up for the videos, some of the fights were great some not so great. Valkyrian1 displayed some awesome combos and moves all while utilizing his distance.

Great job.

We will have more videos of others as we progress and look deeper into Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter x Tekken – Akuma Gameplay Footage