The Secret World Fails To Deliver And Blames Others

The Secret World fails to deliver to the hype that they’ve generated themselves, and yet they have the nerve to blame others on their on failures.

If seems like the people over at Funcom have nothing better to do lately but instead to blame their lack of success with The Secret World on other upcoming games that are being released. Such games that Funcom would be referring to are Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcrafts next big expansion Mists of Pandaria.

The Secret World Fails

The Secret World fails to deliver to captivate their audience in many ways. Is this to blame their developers? We can’t blame them for trying to be different and bring us a new genre in the MMO community. The MMO community is unique and is really tough to please, we’ve seen many titles rise and fall fast in the past years. I applause them for being brave and trying to bring our imaginations into another area that’s been untouched in video games. The Secret World could’ve been a huge success in the MMO world, but it simply failed to capture an audience off it’s first impressions. They should treat the first impressions as if they’re taking out the girl/man of their dreams on their first date.


Let’s not forget Funcom is the company that brought us their other fail game Age Of Conan (oh.. we can go on days about that game).

The Secret World Fails

The Secret World

Because you are playing in modern times, automatic firearms and spells fight side by side. Its tries to be different, getting away from the other MMO’s that focus on medieval times or fantasy lands – Developers that push the boundaries of existing genres will help the industry grow. The story is different and if you have the patience, can suck you in. But is it enough?
Miniboss – GameWads

I could not agree more with Miniboss on this, the world is still stuck on the Fantasy Genre, it was just not the right time to expose the MMO community into a completely modern genre. We’re just not ready to leave Azeroth yet, or the world of Tyria of Guild Wars 2. Like we’ve said, it’s a brave move, but the timing was just not right.

A Funcom report released today puts The Secret World Sales at “over 200,000″ as the company adjusts expectations down by $35 million US Dollars. In the report, Funcom once again cites poor US reviews as a contributing factor in the poor performance of The Secret World, as well as the announced launch dates of Guild Wars 2 and the Mists of Pandaria expansion to World of Warcraft.
“By: Cinderboy –”

It’s a shame that Funcom can point their fingers at others, we just smell jealousy. Maybe because it was their second time around at an MMO and it failed to deliver again.

Where do you think the ending point for The Secret World? Tell us why The Secret World fails to deliver in your eyes, we want to know.

Source – The Secret World – Poor performance blamed on Guild Wars 2 and pandas – MMO ☆ Culture | MMO ☆ Culture.

The Secret World Fails

The Secret World – Beautiful Monsters

  • Jaguar10

    First off let me just say that I’m glad to hear this game is failing. Ragnar Tornquist is an egotistical ass who has left his Longest Journey/Dreamfall fans hanging on for six years waiting for him to clear up the mysterious ending of Dreamfall so he could work on this apparent piece of crap. I don’t play MMO’s personally, and swore I would never buy The Secret World strictly because of the way Tornquist has treated his TLJ fans. Funcom is blaming others because the great Ragnar Tornquist can’t admit he screwed up. Personal animosity aside (and I have a lot of it!), I could tell this game would fail just by looking at the dated graphics in the trailers and that blonde girl with the horrible hairdo in the horrible red jumpsuit! Enough already, Ragnar!! Forget the MMO’s that nobody wants. Go back to what you’re good at. Give us the sequel to Dreamfall that your fans deserve and have been waiting six years for!!!!!!

    • GameWads

      The game had great ideas, it just didn’t gel well. Graphics were decent, but they’ve screwed up on AoC before, it was kind of expected to see this one as a downfall as well.

  • anon

    Funcom disappointed me once with AoC. I was not going to get burned again so I decided I wasn’t going to buy into TSW until it has been out a few months and had good reviews and proven it was for real. I’m glad I waited and saved my money and time.
    At this point, I think Mr. Tornquist should just go away and find another line of work. Game design certainly isn’t anything he is good at.

  • Ugh

    Tornquist fails. This site sucks.