Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Final Verdict – PLAY

There’s been a lot of bad transformer games out there, so will developer High Moon’s next Transformers game make the cut?  Or fall like the rest?

This sequel has you play out the final days of the war on Cybertron.  Compared to the previous game, there’s no online coop in the story mode, and you only play out the Autobots side.  The developers focused more on the story, visuals, and variety of gameplay styles to address complaints from the prequel.

The multiplayer gets a full upgrade, with a comprehensive class progression system, tons of unlockable weapons / abilities / parts… but the best of all, you build your Transformer from scratch with the extensive character customization menu.

There’s no cover system in this 3rd person shooter game – which is met with some mixed feelings.  The developer seems to want players to utilize rolling to dodge, stealth to hide, sprint and vehicle modes to run.

Fans of the prequel will like this game, as it’s an overall improvement.  Those who are not hardcore fans will find Fall of Cybertron fun… And those who are hardcore Transformers fans who grew up with the series – All I have to say is Grimlock and Megaplex!

IGN 8.5/10 8.4/10 8/10

Gamespot 7/10

G4TV 4.5/5